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Women's Health

One of the most effective uses of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is managing women's health. Women's health is also a field where modern medicine does not always have a treatment that alleviates the signs, symptoms, and states of illness that women face. Hence, many women, Heather included, have found a great relief and resurgence of hope and happiness when they discover TCM as a treatment for their reproductive and hormonal health.

Heather has extensive clinical experience helping women with reproductive and hormonal imbalances, from the age of onset of menses to menopause. She also has experience supporting women through cancer treatment. Heather has completed post-graduate studies with all the premier women's health practitioners in the TCM field of the west including Raven Lang, Debra Betts, Randine Lewis, and Jane Lyttleton.

Heather particularly loves working with young women who have reproductive challenges to achieve fertility before they are ready to start a family, which she terms "pre-fertility treatments". She helps women balance their hormones and their circulation to reproductive organs as well as detox to prevent passing on their body's bioburden to their children, ensuring that they are all set for a stress-free conception and pregnancy later down the road when they chose to have children.

  •   irregular cycles

  •   painful periods a.k.a. dysmenorrhea

  •   lack of periods a.k.a. amenorrhea

  •   endometriosis & other estrogen dominant conditions

  •   menopause/peri-menopause

  •   maintaining a healthy pregnancy

  •   labor induction and labor and delivery support:

        (as a adjunct member of your L&D team, not as a lead)

  •   PCOS

  •   fibroids

  •   excessive menstrual bleeding a.k.a.menorrhagia

  •   PMS/PMDD

  •   postpartum depression

  •   support through chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment

  •   support through discontinuing birth control pills

The above list of women's health conditions we treat is not comprehensive. If your condition is not listed, please feel free to call or email the clinic to schedule a free 15 minute initial phone consultation. If we do not feel that we are the best health care providers for you, we will provide you with referrals to help you on your way to better health.

Heather was my first acupuncturist! To this day she is one of the best healthcare providers I have ever worked with. She is super empathetic, one of those people who you feel like you can say  anything to.
She helped me regain a cycle after a year of amenorrhea through treatments and gentle lifestyle advice. I credit her with helping me get pregnant after months of trying. She is a wealth of knowledge for all things related to your well being. I highly recommend Heather Bird!