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Pain Management, Orthopedics & Athletic Performance

Your body is your home and your playground.

You do not have to live in pain.

I use Dr. Tan's Balance Method and Master Tung's points in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat pain, which means that we most often do not directly treat the site of injury, but rather treat it distally. Patients agree that results are best with this technique.


Pain & Injury

  •   Sports injuries

  •   Muscle pain

  •   Back and neck pain

  •   Joint pain

  •   Headaches and migraines

  •   Postoperative pain

  •   Dental pain

  •   Sciatica

  •   Tendonitis

  •   Athletic performance enhancement

  •   Side effects of radiation &/or chemotherapy

The above list of musculoskeletal conditions we treat is not comprehensive. If your condition is not listed, please feel free to call or email the clinic to schedule a free 15 minute initial phone consultation. If we do not feel that we are the best health care providers for you, we will provide you with referrals to help you on your way to better health.