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Diet, Herbs & Lifestyle Consultation with Heather

Healthy food and lifestyle choices are often the primary requisites to maintain a healthy state. When there is a need to speed up recovery and healing, custom herbal formulas and natural supplements work wonders in conjunction with nutritional and lifestyle support.

If you feel you are not in your optimal capacity for sustained energy throughout the day, restful sleep, or emotional balance, Heather will help you understand and achieve a more abundant and harmonic sense of health. 

If your period has always been difficult, or perhaps menopause is on the horizon, Heather can help you balance your hormones.

Woman on her Tablet

Heather consults with clients in her Sebastopol clinic and remotely via phone calls or Zoom.

If something just isn't right in your belly, Heather can help you fix your digestion.

If you need to strengthen your body's immune system or fight an infection, Heather can help.


The Diet, Herbs & Lifestyle Consultation is a great treatment option for people who are not seeking acupuncture treatment, but who want all of the other insights Chinese medicine has to offer. It is also ideal for people who aren't able to make it to Sebastopol but want help moving their health forward.

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