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Healthy Pregnancy

  • threatened or recurrent miscarriage

  • morning sickness

  • hyperemesis gravidarium

  • indigestion, heartburn, lack of interest in food, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea

  • gestational diabetes- prevention and treatment

  • group B strep- prevention and treatment

  • low amniotic fluid

  • ICP

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • stress, anxiety & depression

  • back pain

When women are ready to deliver, acupuncture & herbs can be help to:

  • reposition baby

  • establish regular contractions

  • relax mom

Postpartum care is another area where Chinese medicine truly shines. In Chinese culture, there is a rich tradition of using herbs to heal physically and emotionally following delivery. Postnatal care for new parents helps:

  • increase milk supply

  • prevent & treat postpartum depression and/or fatigue

  • heal damaged perineal tissues including tears and hemorrhoids

  • prevent & treat clogged milk ducts

  • balance hormones, reducing symptoms such as hot flashes, feeling weepy & extended bleeding

The above list of pregnancy-related conditions Heather treats is not comprehensive. If your condition is not listed, please feel free to call or email the clinic to schedule a free 15 minute initial phone consultation. If I do not feel I am the best health care provider for you, I will provide you with referrals to help you on your way to better health.

Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman's life. It is also completely novel, sometimes overwhelming, and a truly personal journey. Pregnancy is a great time to add an acupuncturist & herbalist into your health care team to offer support and insight, helping you navigate your pregnancy with grace and fortitude.

Ways I help parents prepare for a healthy pregnancy:

  • detoxing to reduce toxic burden passed on to baby

  • enhancing parent's nutritional & hormonal status to support optimal genetic transmission

  • smoothing out constitutional imbalances that could detract from a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.

  • treat chronic infections that can affect pregnancy and delivery including herpes simplex, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections


I also help women navigate health concerns that arise at various stages of pregnancy to ensure optimal health for both mom and babe. Conditions that benefit from acupuncture and herbal support during pregnancy include:

Gardeners know that you must nourish the soil if you want healthy plants. You must water the plants adequately, especially when seeds are germinating and sprouting, and they should be planted in a nutrient-rich soil. Why should nutrition matter less in the creation of young humans than it does in young plants? I'm sure that it doesn't.”
― Ina May Gaskin

Smiling Pregnant Woman
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