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Standard Process & MediHerb

Standard Process's commitment to whole food nutritional supplements since 1929 makes them a stand out in the ever-growing field of supplement companies, a vast majority of whose products are synthetic. We particularly love this brand for it's reliable clinical results as well as it's singular focus on healing people with nutrition. We find that their products pair perfectly with Chinese herbs, as the herbs act as the brains of the operation, while these food-based supplements provide the building blocks for the body to heal itself.

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Taproot Medicine

We are a huge fan of Sonoma's own Frieda Kipar Bay's herbal syrups. Each bottle packs a punch of tasty and fortifying magic. 

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Goldmine Adaptogens

A woman-owned SF company, Goldmine's delicious herbs are a testimony to their commitment to bringing high quality adaptogens to modern folks.

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Host Defense Mushrooms

We love everything Paul Stamets touches, including his line of mushroom-based medicines. They get us through cold and flu season with a minimum of days under the weather!

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Evergreen Herbs

Founded by Dr. John Chen, who is both a Doctor of Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine, Evergreen Herbs sets the industry standard for quality in Chinese herbal medicines. They have a team of highly trained specialists ranging from senior herbalists experienced to perform organoleptic identification to microbiologists who tests for safety against harmful bacteria and biochemists who perform assays to ensure the presence and quality of active ingredients in our extracts. They also test for contaminants in each batch of single herbs and each batch of herbal formulas, so we can all rest assured that we are only taking high quality medicines when we use Evergreen Herbs. 

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