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Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks

Foot soaks have been used in Asia for thousands of years to maintain and optimize people's health. We have partnered with experts in our field to bring you the most potent and effective botanicals available. Our foot soaks are a carefully formulated blend of wild-crafted Chinese and Tibetan herbs of the highest purity that was once reserved only for high government officials and royalty.

Within's foot soaks are valuable for a diverse group of health concerns. Benefits can include:

  • better sleep 

  • support women’s health issues - including fertility 

  • reduce pain - including gynecological/menstrual, headaches, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and chronic pain patterns 

  • relieve neuralgias and neuropathy

  • alleviate fatigue

  • improve mood and assist with emotional balance to relieve stress, depression and anxiety

  • calm and heal digestive disorders

The hot water in the soak dilates blood vessels in the feet to promote blood circulation. As you absorb the medicinal properties of the herbs, you will start to feel the rising effect of heat going up your legs, reaching the lower back and abdomen. The heart is stimulated and cardiovascular movement is increased. Once the heat reaches the face and head, the body begins to dissipate the heat via sweating. The lungs begin to feel more open due to bronchial dilation and it should become easier to start gentle exercise to improve chronic pain. Foot soaks in conjunction with acupuncture, massage and infrared sauna use create a window of opportunity to help heal and restore the body to homeostatic balance and optimized health.


Overall, an individualized care plan that includes foot soaks can help you regain mobility, decrease chronic pain, aid detoxification, clean up dead tissue and rebuild new tissue. This powerful medicinal infusion works to encourage a proper balance of the body’s regulatory systems, improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and reducing pain. This aids to improve immune system capacity, and enhance metabolism and endocrine function.


You can think of them as a general tonic. We especially recommend foot soaks for athletes with injuries, and people seeking better circulation. For more information, check out this podcast and watch this video from our partners at Botanical Biohacking.


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