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Sonoma County Family Health
Acupuncture & Herbs

Within: Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine is a Sebstopol clinic specializing in holistic family wellness, women's hormonal & reproductive health,

and digestive support. 

Individualized care for Optimal Health

Fertility | Women & Men
Emotiona Well-being
Acupuncture to improve fertility
Acupuncture for Digestive Health
Women's Health
Women's Health
Acupunture for Pain Relief
Emotional Well-Being

Curious how Heather can help you?

Email Heather to arrange a Free 15 Minute Phone Consult to discuss your specific concerns and questions.

About within:acupuncture & herbal medicine

Within is a San Francisco-based modern, clean, and comfortable Chinese medical clinic that also incorporates functional medicine and nutrition, located in the heart of the Financial District. Heather's mission is to provide your family with safe and natural solutions to your health concerns. 

  • Experiencing hormonal difficulties?

  • Ready to get pregnant but need support?

  • Want your pain to be gone without medications?

  • Not feeling your best and ready to optimize your health?

Within offers individualized care for optimal health. When you come to Heather for help with your health concerns, you can expect a treatment plan tailored to support your health goals, explained clearly and including measurable timelines and milestones.

I provide acupuncture, Chinese & Western herbal medicines, Standard Process nutritional supplements,

cupping, and clinician supported detoxification

all in a peaceful, semi-rural and ecologically responsible clinic.

My specialty is in supporting

women's hormonal health, fertility, and pregnancy

with a combination of 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine.

I also specialize in digestive health, pain relief, and

overall health optimization for people of all ages and genders.

I welcome integrating my care with clients' other medical providers to ensure optimal outcomes.

Success Stories


Laurel, Fertility Acupuncture Client

Heather was my first acupuncturist! To this day she is one of the best healthcare providers I have ever worked with. She is super empathetic, one of those people who you feel like you can say  anything to.
She helped me regain a cycle after a year of amenorrhea through treatments and gentle lifestyle advice. I credit her with helping me get pregnant after months of trying. She is a wealth of knowledge for all things related to your well being. I highly recommend Heather Bird!

Jason, Wellness Client

Over the years, I've gone back to Heather for physical ailments (an aching hip negatively impacting my posture), kicking a nasty and pernicious sinus infection, dealing with the side effects of an oddly long lasting and intense yellow fever vaccination, and most recently, I've worked with her now on two separate annual seasonal cleanses. I keep going back and broadening the scope of the work we do together because each time, it works. She has a gift!

Margo, Pregnancy & Wellness Client

My stomach ailments begin to seep into other parts of my life and health. I eventually reached a breaking point and reached out to Heather Bird. She could not have come at a better time.
Heather got my stomach set straight!
Not only has she been such a wonderful resource and healer, she is a "yes!" person.
Since my stomach issues have passed I have returned to her for pregnancy related difficulties and she has continued to be a wealth of information and help.
I couldn't recommend Heather bird enough.

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