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Everyone needs a massage that is deeply relaxing, nurturing and regenerative - but also offers serious pain relief and rapid change in uncomfortable tension patterns. At Within SF, we've teamed up with Margaret Kelly, CMT to provide exactly that!


A session with Margaret begins with a quick but careful assessment to create a customized massage plan just for you. On the table, soft music and hot towels begin to melt you, allowing you space to unplug from your busy life. Deep breaths, quiet surroundings and perfect comfort renews your energy and calms your mind.


In a calming, methodical way, Margaret then applies relaxing and effective Myofascial and Swedish Bodywork techniques to stuck, painful areas, encouraging release and re-balance. Application of soothing infrared laser therapy or topical magnesium relieves pain and inflammation, increases circulation and accelerates soft tissue healing. Click here to learn more about what these modalities are and why they are highly effective!


Afterwards, come back to your outer senses with a cup of tea, and leave feeling light and refreshed, knowing that true healing is taking place. As you continue your sessions in the future, your pains will lessen, your posture and alignment will improve and your overall sense of well-being will expand and elevate.

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