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Within's Safety Protocols

Safety, health, and vitality are of primary concern at Within. Each of the below steps are taken with every person who enters the space.

  • Hand sanitizer stations in every room

  • Surfaces wiped down with disinfectant between clients

  • One client in the clinic at a time

  • Disposable paper lining the treatment tables, rather than usual sheets

  • You and I will wear face masks and only come in if we are free of any possible Covid19 symptoms. 

  • Within will be set up with touch-less payment options.

  • Air purifiers run in your room during your session (if you don't mind the light hum) and throughout the space.


Please let me know if you require additional precautions to feel comfortable coming in. I am happy to work with you to ensure that your session is a healing experience.

Wellness-Inducing Resources During Covid, updated regularly

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